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The Amazon Kindle

Never has reading been so much fun, and easy to get into. With the Amazon Kindle, all of your favourite books are stored onto it's flash memory, allowing you to carry a vast amount of books in your back pocket!

Our promise to you

Here at Free Amazon Kindle, we want our visitors to get their Kindle and associated accessories for free. However, where we differ from other websites in our approach to this is that we are completely legitimate and would never use your information for our own profit. We direct you in your goal to get the Kindle from Points2Shop.

Unlike other sites like Freebie Jeebies, you're not required to sign up 20 people before you get your Kindle. You can so wish sign up other people, in which case you'll receive 15% from the Admins every time your referral completes an offer. However, with the amount of offers and free surveys available, you don't need to sign up other people if you don't want too, but it will get you your Kindle sooner if you do.

Instructions to get your Free Amazon Kindle:

This is really a four step process:

  1. Head over to this link and sign up to get your account (it says book, but you can use it for the Kindle too)
  2. Confirm your email address by clicking on the link in the email that Points2Shop send you
  3. Complete a free offer or survey, click the 'complete button' and you'll be awarded the points.
  4. When you have enough points, go to the rewards gallery on the website and order your free Amazon Kindle. It'll arrive in a week or less.  However, you're not solely tied to getting a Kindle. You can get a cover for it too, as well as anything that Amazon sells.


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